ADV.Retouch Panel – great tool for photographers and retouchers.

advretouch 1.0.0
ADV.Retouch Panel is a Photoshop extension. I’ve created it to speed up the retouch process, make it much simpler and achieve better resoults. It gives You access to many advanced retouch techniques like ‘Frequency Separation’ and ‘Dodge & Burn’ in just one click. You don’t have to make many operations to prepare layers and adjustments, You don’t even have to run actions, just one single click. ADV.Retouch Panel combines great functionality with beautiful design. The idea was to simplify the retouch workflow as much as possible and achieve high-end resoult. In Beauty retouch section of the panel You will find many functions that will make retouch (even beauty retouch) very simple. You don’t have to use many tools, create many layers and adjustments. When You click the button the panel creates all necsessary operations and create group of layers for You. You just have to paint with paint brush on the mask in the places that You want to apply effect. So You can correct skin, enhance eyes and lips, remove redness from skin, give nice tonal correction and much more. Panel gives You also direct shortcuts do most popular tools in the retouch workflow like liquify, blur, content fill, adjustment curves and layer tools.  You can check the full list of functions below. The panel is compatibile with Photoshop CC, CC2014 and CC2015. It works on both PC and MAC. Currently I’m looking for beta testers (Moslty for version CC). If You are interested please contact me:

ADV.Retouch panel will be in sale soon.

The interface is inspired by Dark UI  from Brady Sammons


Full list of functions:



– Liquify

– Content Fill

– Refine Edge

– Gaussian Blur

– Sharpen Details – Five step High Pass Sharpening

– Dual View – Splits screen into two windows and let you see whole image and it’s close up in the same time. Very useful in retouch process



– Frequency separation in two variants – for 8 and 16 Bit images.

– Dodge&Burn in two variants – Soft light and Curves

– Local Saturation adjustment layers for Dodge&Burn

– Black and White layer for Dodge&Burn – Helps You to see where You should dodge and burn


Beauty retouch:

– Skin softening in two variants

– Glamour toning for portrait and  beauty photos

– Skin/Hair contrast  – gives the better look for the portrait photos

– Enhance Eyes, Lips and teeth

– Remove redness from skin


Adjustment curve layers:

– Auto tone

– Enhance details in shadows

– Recover highlights



– New layer

– Duplicate layer

– Flatten Layers

– Stamp Layers

Also You can choose the photoshop background color in one click. It lets You for example to check if the background in You’re image is 100% white and then easily return to default gray background color.



New Beauty photos for ‘Terpiłowski’ and ADV.RETOUCH – my photoshop extension

I’m currently working on some new photos for Jewelery brand – Terpiłowski. They was made some days ago, now it’s time for retouch. I’m doing it using my Photoshop extension – ‘ADV.RETOUCH Panel’. It makes the retouch much faster and give You access to many professional techniques like Frequency Separation and Dodge & Burn. It will be in sale soon. Now I’m looking for beta testers. Requirement is a legit Photoshop CS6-CC2014 with Extension Manager. If You are interested in beta-testing please contact me:

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